This product is a modified tapioca starch which is a light and fluffy white to off white powder.  It is able to absorb and carry large amounts of oils and water loving liquids.  The processed starch is full of space ready to be filled with your liquid, and can carry it to your end use while still holding the liquid keeping it completely dry.  Once your creation is added to water it dissolves immediately releasing your oils and liquids into the water.  This is a great way to add essential oils, fragrance oils or even carrier oils to your bath water without moistening your other ingredients.  The starch itself adds a softness to the water and does not fall out to the bottom as some products can.

Use in bath salts, bath bombs, bath milks, bath fizzies, body powders, shampoos, conditioners and other creations requiring this capability.  It is brilliant in these applications to enhance the fragrance component allowing an enhanced fragrance load if this is required. By adding double the weight of fragrance to Natrasorb bath and mixing well your powder will absorb the fragrance and still look light and fluffy (though it may be slightly sticky if fully loaded, but should not clump).  It is then ready to add to your mix to enable amazing scent release.
Always store in a cool, airtight location to get the full shelf life from the product.  Do not expose to direct heat, sparks or flame.
INCI:  Tapioca Starch


SKU A-1949
Barcode # 93124875966933
Brand Burn Decor & Soy

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