Information On Using Soy Wax Melts

Author: Burn Decor & Soy  Date Posted:28 May 2017 

Soy Wax Melts:

The most commonly asked question is:

My Soy Wax Melt doesn't have a very strong scent throw. 

Firstly, every single candle fragrance oil is different. Some are stronger, some are weaker, 

some are of a thin consistency some have a thick consistency.


Cold Throw: Cold throw means the scent of the melt when its not lit. So when its first

Manufactured and arrives to you unused. Typically with Soy wax this throw will always be strong.


There are many things that factor into why you may not feel you got a good clean scent for very long.


1. As fragrance oils are essentially the same as a perfume fragrances, 


Why can we not smell our own perfume, our own breath or even our body odour after a few minutes?

Get to know your nose and you will find that the answer is called Habituation.


Every thing in our environment has a specific scent. 

When you inhale, the molecules pass through yournostrils and stick to a wall of mucus on the back 

of your throat. Receptor cells are located in this mucus that tell your brain that you have just sniffed something. 

The brain then attempts to decipher what the smell was.


After two breaths, the receptors in your nose switch off. The intensity of the smell fades away since 

your brain has perceived the scent to be non-threatening. A non-threatening smell does not require your 

attention. The smell of fresh flowers is considered safe, yet the smell of rotten food is 

considered as Unsafe.


2. The type of burner you are using to melt your wax melts.


Now days people tend to use electric burners rather then traditional tea light burners. Electric burners

Tend to burn at the same temperature allowing fragrance to distribute evenly and cleanly.

If you are using traditional tea light burners this can potentially shorten the life of your wax melt

As the temperature can vary/


Fragrance oils have top, middle and base notes, the same goes for incense. The fine lighter and sweeter

 top notes will come out in the first few minutes of burning, followed by heavier notes, and 

eventually only the base notes will remain. 


You will also need to factor in 

The size of the room you are burning your melt in

If the room is closed or open ( windows etc )

Whether the melt is a lighter fragrance